Los Angeles Eye Surgery Procedures

During the operation itself, the patient is awake but is usually given a mild sedative and anesthetic. Los Angeles eye surgery is then performed in three steps, the first being the creation of a flap of corneal tissue. This is done by applying a corneal suction to the eye, thus holding it in place. Once the flap is created, it is then folded b ck to reveal the middle section of the cornea. The patients cornea is then remodelled with a laser. During this step it is normal for the patients vision to become very blurry and for him to be slightly disoriented. Finally, the corneal flap is repositioned and carefully checked for any sign of air bubbles or debris and to ensure a proper fit on the patients eye.

After the surgery, the patient is given another set of antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory eye drops that are to be self-administered for a few weeks after the operation. Patients are also often advised to get more sleep and wear a pair of dark shades at all times to protect them from bright lights and also to prevent them from rubbing the eye that was operated on. In order to prevent the occurrence of dry eyes, the patient is also often told to moisturize the eyes with preservative-free tears and also to strictly follow directions in using prescription drops.